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Our company is one of the manufacturers of the few self-production of quartz stone, with two Italian production line, strength, conditions are very favorable The proxy support, and have a good experience in market operations. Our product line is flexible, fast delivery, quality and cheap, rapid development, join the ranks of our agents you just do your own channels and other things from our professional agent support team to help you do, we are at all Costly to build a climax agents of the regional model, have paid off! The very rapid development of our company, our aim is short-sighted, not unscrupulous, quartz stone business of the company's high-speed development with the development of long-term vision for the future as the cornerstone, and tap a number of strong potential agents mining the number of train a group of We believe that a win-win situation in order to go further ~! Tidal

Europe quartz Chengzhao quartz stone dealer quartz franchisee, artificial stone agent franchisee, Stone agents franchisee.

: Advantages of joining

1, started with the international synchronization, brand building company for international brand.
And domestic quartz stone industry companies operating large-scale production, brand.

Network advantage
at home and abroad dozens of cabinet supplier cooperation and establish a perfect sales service network, so that each franchisee can profit

3 in the shortest time, management The advantage
exclusive, adhere to market protection measures.
Dealer mode of operation specifications, advanced and mature experience in network operations.
Terminal stores provide free sample design.
Complete training system, free of charge to the franchisee, market management, and installation services to provide a high level of professional skills training.
Market management system, regular market inspections to be adequately protected the interests of the franchisee. Corporation consultation
short-term management of the franchisee, to come up with a practical improvement program.
Unified identity, unity of cis, create a culture of high-level brand.

Product advantage
strong product design and process R & D department to ensure the competitiveness of the ouchao brand quartz stone products in the market.
Efficient production management system to ensure product quality, according to the amount of accurate and timely manner to the user.
Perfect quality management system and strict inspection system to ensure that each set of manufactured products are fine.

5, the price advantage
large-scale production and intensive procurement, reducing production costs, operational space.
Quality, medium-price positioning, to ensure a market advantage.

Service the advantage
three packs of the implementation of policies, efficient and responsible after-sale handling mechanism.

Joining details

joining the form of: the

Europe influx of cooperation "ouchao" brand quartz Ministry of licensed brands and provide products to the franchisees, and set a franchise site full investment by franchisees, independent accounting, pays the profit and loss. By the management and supervision of the company's image and business. The Corporation is only responsible for the production, management and technology upgrades, sales of products shall be by the sales department from the source to ensure that the product of changing products

2, select franchisees standard:
① The understand the quartz stone products, and has a strong vocational interest;
(2) quartz stone is the main business;
③ The agent quartz stone long-term development plan;
④ certain economic strength and a fixed place of business ;
⑤ The have a better reputation and credibility;
⑥ The headquarters of the same or similar business philosophy with the company.

3, capital: a total investment of 5-20 million, the economic level and administrative level to consider.

, Joining conditions:
, (1) must be hit after the ship;
(2) must be shipped directly from the head office, the franchisee pays the freight the;
(3 ) monthly minimum sales restrictions;
(4) purchase not less than a certain limit, please telephone counseling. Engaged quartz plate sales

, processing more than one year, the familiar brand operation, to understand the market of stone countertops in the building materials industry, there are certain persons based on priority. However, if just to get involved in the stone industry, no experience, the inspection recognized, the Corporation will provide a full range of equipment shopping guide, technology, experience, operational guidance and training to help all of our agents are practical and reliable processing and sales profitability. Please call for details.

5 modes of operation:
based on market characteristics, franchisees features a provincial market by 2-3 provincial franchisees sub-patches to run, rules small or to the municipal agent.

, Joining price, model, color, card distribution: interviews or calls the consulting

look forward to your cooperation! Quartz stone is the red city take the lead, a conservative estimate would be within the next 1-2 years to form a very considerable emerging markets, and at the same time instead of the other man-made stone, natural stone, new preferred domestic, commercial, public facilities, which Europe and the United States side of the stone market is now pretending to prospective, Europe and the United States is now the market share of the quartz has more than 90%. All my colleagues of the

Europe tide look forward to working with you to work together to develop a new life!

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