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The quartz stone is a more than 93% of the quartz crystal with synthetic resins and other trace elements in a new type of stone. Its main material is quartz, is affordable and durable Following another artificial stone countertops materials.
Advantages of quartz stone

1、Not spent scraping: quartz stone quartz content of up to 94%, quartz crystal is a natural mineral of hardness second only to diamonds in nature, the surface hardness of the high Ta Mok's hardness of 7.5, much larger than the knife blade sharps such as used in the kitchen, do notwill be its scratch。

2、Pollution is not stained: quartz stone in a vacuum under the conditions of manufacture qulity dense non-porous composite materials, the quartz surface, excellent corrosion resistance, chemical and other kitchen, daily use of the liquid substances will not penetrate the internallong placed the surface of the liquid can just use cleaning agents such as water or clean and bright with a rag to erase, if necessary, available blade to scrape the surface retention。

3、Not the old the: quartz Dan Guangze bright surface is more than 30 complex polishing process, will not be knife blade scratch, not penetration of the liquid substance will not result in yellowing and discoloration, the routine cleaning onlyrequired rinse can be simple. Even after long use, the surface with the newly installed countertops, beautiful, no maintenance, and maintenance。

4、Vain fuel: Natural quartz crystal is a typical refractory materials, the melting point up to 1300 degrees, made ​​of 94% natural quartz, quartz stone is completely flame retardant, will not be exposed to high temperature, which leads to burning, with artificial stone countertops can not be comparedhigh temperature characteristics

5、Non-toxic non-radiation: the smooth surface of quartz stone, formation scratch stranded, compact the material structure of the hole makes the bacteria no place to hide, direct contact with food, safe and nontoxic. Relatively artificial stone slightly higher price. Quartz stone countertops, the hardness is too difficult to process, over a single shape. Quartz stone maintenance quartz stone as a professional countertop materials with other materials can not match the advantages, but no indicators, do not have any kind of material that can withstand the destructive use of the following precautions should be used, as far as possible to protect well your precious countertops, avoid countertop damage due to improper use.

Table of any material, regardless of what are the advantages, in addition to the installation, maintenance is the most important in the use of the time, should note the following:

1、The sharp weapon may be on the surface and the material itself cause harm: quartz stone is a composite material of high hardness, has high impact resistance and scratch resistance, the normal use case will not be scratched or worn. If the rubber, nail polish, paint, etc. are particularly difficult to remove the sticky substance on the table, used when necessary tool gently scrape, scrape control efforts to avoid injury table. In particular, to avoid the use of ultra-high hardness of weapon strength scratch table, such as diamonds, sand paper, broken glass, broken ceramic (including low-quality ceramic containers that may exist at the bottom of the sintered particles), high hardness alloy tool and to the hardness tool。

2、Will table surface and internal material damage to local overheating at high temperatures: quartz stone surface and good heat resistance, are generally not high temperature burns, scorched, deformation, depression and other circumstances. Materials have thermal expansion and contraction characteristics of the heat change can change the material internal organizational structure, long-term overheating accidents cause material damage, make countertops local expansion, leading to the surface cracking. In use should be avoided the countertops local overheating, avoid open flame barbecue table, avoid high-calorie containers (such as hot wok, hot water containers, etc.) placed directly on the table, it is recommended that insulation and good pot holders, or allow heat to disperse the pot pad to protect your countertops.

3、Heavy impact damage to the table: quartz stone to improve the toughness of the composite material agent, plate thickness up to 15mm, have a relatively high impact resistance, but still avoid to hit the table, frequently tapping the table or the gravity of oppressionthe vacant site of the table, especially the weak part of the table, such as the stove near the basin near the corner site, splice site, the middle of the large span of the cabinet and other parts, otherwise it will create a table cracking or damage.

4、Long-term surface gloss, strong ultraviolet radiation quartz stone countertops and local irradiation may leave color.

5、Can use the knife blade to scrape the surface of the left in the table use detergent density is too high, with water to do the final cleaning is necessary.